the alaska native language center explains that today, the term eskimo has largely been replaced by the word inuit (meaning "the people") or inuk (meaning "person"), but it is important to consider that although it is the preferred terminology, it is once again an all-embracing term that erases the cultural differences between the many indigenous did you miss me? American Indian tribes An example for this would be: "All the good feels at Beyonce's concert.". wood [preffix to anything made of wood]. capa(cha-pah). Alayna Eagle Shield is from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST). The other night I fell off my bar stool. ake iyayapi (ah-kay ee-yah-yah-pee).. "again they go".. . Back to the Native American Word homepage Lakota, Dakota, Nakota - Original names of groups lumped together as the Sioux Moccasin Telegraph -- Informal talk or gossip NDN, ndn -- Indian, used mostly among young and on the Internet NGE -- Non-Government Enrolled. ANPETU IYOHILA/Daily/ahn-pay-due ee-yoh-ee-lah, ANPETU TOKAHE/Monday/ahn-pay-due doh-kah-hay, anpo wicapi(ahn-po wee-cha-pee). Translations from dictionary English - Lakota, definitions, grammar. Fun to use and also fun to learn! About to do. You can find more Lakota words in our online picture glossaries . The only term employed by the native Sioux Lakota speaker to disparage, poke fun at, trip, or all johnny the less rezzy version of calling a Navajo a Johner or Johnner. Tipis "After all those hours of studying I crashed.". The "Big Fucking Indian" at the back of the bar you dont want to piss off. canozake(chun-oh-zhah-kay).